Digital Photography Re-Visited
New Ideas, Concepts and Techniques

In today's world, digital photography is everywhere! From cell phone cameras and point and shoot pocket cameras to professional digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, everyone is taking pictures.

A digital camera is the BEST way to capture your experiences, "Your Story", to share with family, friends and using the web, the entire world!. But it's not just taking pictures that's important. It's what you do with them that makes the difference. Anyone can take snapshots! We will show You how to make Your images tell a story!

A Difference in Design

We designed the Unique Photography Concepts website to be different from other photography websites. Our Photo Galleries are set up more like Photo essays, telling the stories behind the photographs. Not just pages of photographs.

The Destinations Page will help You find the locations where we took the photos so You can visit them and capture your own unique images of Wild Horses, Ghost Towns, Historical Locations, Flowers, and Nature in action.

We have Hints, How To's, Tips and Tricks to help you become a better photographer. Along with suggestions on what equipment you might need or like to have in your camera bag, ideas on how to set up a digital darkroom, but we don't officially review cameras, equipment, printers, image editing software, etc. We will, however, let you know what we use.

From understanding your camera to helping you decide what to do with your pictures once you have them out of the camera and into the computer, We are here to help YOU! We can even put Your Photographs on Ceramic Tile, Tumbled Marble or Glass!

Our Goal

To provide You with a basic understanding of the concepts of digital photography. To supply the knowledge to compose, edit, print and/or publish excellent quality images in your own unique style. To instill the curiosity to explore different and unique perspectives in taking pictures.

We hope you will find our site helpful and enjoy it as much as we are enjoying bringing it to you! We invite You to bookmark this site and stop by often to check out our New Additions and keep track of our latest Photographic Adventures.

About Us, Who we are, what we do and why we love it!
Learn About Us - Stacy and Duane Gardner - Our unique art form and why we do it.
What's New
Find out What's New at Unique Photography Concepts. From Galleries and Pages to our latest Contests and much more!
View Our Work
Many Galleries containing Our Work over the years. Beautiful images of Wild Horses, Bald Eagles, Flowers, Ghost Towns and more . . .
Duane Gardner's Tips and Techniques
Duane Gardner shares some Tips and Techniques for making the ordinary extraordinary.
Photo Tips for Better Digital Photographs
Photo Tips to help improve your skills and take better pictures without really trying!
Digital Camera Controls, A Foundation for Taking Better Pictures
Learning how to use your digital camera. Knobs, Dials, Switches, Menus revealed. What they are and how to use them to take better pictures.
What Equipment do I Need
Photographic Equipment. What do I have, what do I need and why do I need it!
Technical Information for Taking Better Photographs
Technical Information to help you understand basic photography concepts, instill confidence and lead to better pictures.
How to take Pictures of Wild Horses, Ghost Towns and More like a Pro
You know how to get the best Pictures? Photographs you will be proud to share with family and friends!
Destinations gives You the inside scoop into where we go to to get the Beautiful Photographs you see on this site. Not only How to get there but Where to stay and Things to do in the area.
2013 Art and Craft Shows
2013 Scheduled Art , Craft and Horse Shows where Our Work will be on Display. Stop by our both and say HI! and register to win a Signed and Numbered Pictoglyph or other Great Prize!
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